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Hair Concoction

Lemony-Lemongrass Shampoo!

Lemony-Lemongrass Shampoo!

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Lemony-Lemongrass Shampoo! 

Hair Results:

Strengthens hair

Reduces shedding

Shinier tresses

Fights Dandruff 

Reduce Breakage 

Great For:

All hair types, styles and ages 

Those who shed a lot of hair

Those who wear braids or protective styles often

Dead ends


Lemongrass fights dandruff, reduces hair shedding and adds volume
Lemongrass is a great source of iron
Lemon makes your hair shinier and rich in Vitamin C which promotes hair growth
Lemon also fights dandruff
Great for those who wear braids or protective styles often
Reduces amount of dead hair when you comb or brush 
AROMATIC BENEFITS: creates positive energy, happy feelings 

ALSO great to repel the mosquitos and other biting insects for the summer months 

How to use: 
Apply product to wet hair and scalp. Massage gently until smooth lather is formed. Rinse and repeat. First lather may not be as bubbly depending on build up on the scalp. Second lather will usually have more bubbles.
Also great as a body wash. 
Double the benefits when used with our Lemony-Lemongrass Conditioner. Matches great with all HC Conditioners. 
Never any harsh chemicals:
Free of sodium chloride
Free of sulfate
Free of phosphate
Free of gluten
Free of parabens
Free of phthalates
Natural Scent 
Color safe
Made with love 
Made in the USA
Sizes: 10 mL pouch; 2 oz travel size bottle; 12 oz bottle; 32 oz bottle

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Thank you for your support!!


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