About Hair Concoction

Hello! My name is Dannyp00h creator and formulator of Hair Concoction Plant Based Hair Care.

Hair Concoction started close to 10 years ago when I became alarmed by the degree of damage that popular hair care products were doing to my hair. I was mixing various popular brand products my mom and I bought to use in our hair whenever we wore it curly and natural. We were never satisfied with the results of one product and would use multiple products to moisturize our hair and get the curl definition how we liked. What we didn’t realize was our hair was being damaged from using so many different products. The chemical mixtures of the various popular so called “natural” brands was making our ends brittle causing breakage, certain areas on on our scalps were thinning, and our hair growth had slowed down drastically.



So, in 2017 I did the ultimate. I cut ALL my hair all off! I wanted my tresses to grow back stronger and healthier.

As a lab chemist by profession and science background, I began studying the benefits of Tea Tree Oil. With all the information, I began mixing together my own “Concoctions.” I experimented adding different plant-based oils like coconut oil, jojoba, and avocado. 



Our hair stayed moisturized right down to the ends and held the perfect curl pattern. YES! Our first Hair Concoction product, OG Tea Tree! Why OG? Tea Tree is an all-natural skin protectant "Gangsta" that has been around for ages. Benefits ranging from decongestant to antifungal.  After using OG Tea Tree for a while, my friends started asking what products I was using on my hair. When I told them, I was making my own products they were amazed and wanted to get their own. They even started asking for different aromatics, like lavender. And with my chemistry and research brain I researched the benefits of lavender, along with other aromatics that now make up most of the Hair Concoction product line (Thank Goodness for friends and family). Eventually a line of seven products was formulated. Shampoos: Apple Cider Vinegar, Rose Water, and Lavender, Leave-In Conditioner Detangler Curl Activators: OG Tea Tree, Rose Water, Lemony Lemon, and Lavender.       


COVID-19 was a huge opportunity for me to create and perfect my Hair Concoction formulation during the stay at home mandate. As I contemplated, with the world at a stand-still, how would I market and sell HC. Friends again, with such great support, started giving me leads on pop up events. Yes, right smack dab in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, when people were mandated to stay indoors, I was outdoors doing pop-up events, getting the Hair Concoction brand recognition. Now in business since 2020 Hair Concoction has expanded from shampoos and conditioners to include a men’s line consisting of beard oils, beard wash and a 3-in-1 body wash with more ground breaking plant based items to come in the near future.

Being a full-time entrepreneur has been a rollercoaster filled with unforeseen blessings. I have met so many amazing likeminded entrepreneurs who have shown so much support and given unmeasured guidance.


Hair Concoction products are NOW available for purchase at a store near you:

San Diego Locations: 

-Klipz and Kicks Barbershop

-Studio.1026 Barbershop


Los Angeles Locations:

Uplift Us Market Place at Westfield, Culver City

My Black Beauty Box(BBB) at  Baldwin Crenshaw Mall 

Superstar Hair and Wigs Beauty Supply in Studio City 


Tune In to find Hair Concoction at a pop-up event or farmers market near you! 



Thank you for supporting a Black Woman Owned and Operated Business. All support, big or small, means the world to Hair Concoction.